Sunday, August 14, 2011


source EDITED 1/9/11 to link to a home town party over at centsational girl. this is a picture of the Catheral at the heart of my hometown of Christchurch New Zealand. On Feb 22nd this year, my city suffered a devasting earthquake that took the best part of 200 lives and destroyed alot of the historic building, including this beautiful Catheral. It is now being propped up by scaffolding and has lost most its spire and roof. Below is a video i found which shows my town in all her glory before the quakes.

Christchurch-Timelapse from lukaskaupenjohann on Vimeo.

I was blog hoping this evening, and came across this time laspe video of Christchurch. its hometown before the earthquakes and how i remember her.


elizabeth said...

Hi Rach i spent 3 months travelling around New Zealand a few years ago. I just loved it and it is not suprising i settled in the west of Ireland as it is quite similar. I believe re-building work is starting soon fingers crossed. x

inkala images said...

Isn't this beautiful? She will return in all her glory with time...

Ingrid x