Sunday, July 10, 2011


i've been blog hopping around, trying to find some funky blogs to add to my blog list thingie there on the right....ones that share the same interests as me on decorating, crafting, cooking, gardening and self reliance.
I came across this one today via pinterest and want to show you a page from the blog, cos if ever you wanted decorating inspiration, and the notion that a piece of coal can turn into a diamond, this is it!!. It isnt totally my taste, but i just love how the owners saw past the previous owners 'artwork' and have made a stunning home!.
now i'm off to scour the real estate adds to see if i can spend my £10 lottery win on a piece of coal of my own!!.

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margaretfeist said...

Just love your blog hopping, I am getting inspired too. I haven't crocheted for years, but having seen what your fellow Kiwi has done with the aid of Raymond I am tempted to get out the hooks and yarn!