Saturday, July 23, 2011

I can crochet!!!!

finally this afternoon i started a crochet project, having played with the stitches for some time. I saw on Attic24, a wonderful cushion cover and decided, rather ambitiously that that should be the first thing i made!. so this afternoon about 3, i sat down on the bed, with Lucy's blog open and just got on with it. I had to undo the 1st 2 rounds so many times, watch youtube tutorials to learn how to do simple things, but suddenly it all just clicked and away i went. I managed the next couple of rounds ok, then i mucked up again and just as i was ending a round, i had to undo it all!. but that taught me the final thing i needed to crack, and since then its been plain sailing *knocks on her head!!*.
so some piccies so far....

these are the colours i have to choose from... looks like Lucy's!

it looks like a flower!!

more colour....and the round i had to undo!.

from now on, its a secret!!...until its finished!!.

man tho!, i think i need my eyes tested, i certainly had eye strain, but then again, it doesnt help crocheting when you have a headache, and infront of a computer screen!!.

But yay me!!. i can do it!!.......
just gotta finish it now!.


Attic24 said...

yay for you!!!!!!!!!!!! I get your excitemnent!!!
SO glad you stuck with it, I also had to re-start a few times over with this project so I think you've done great.
lots of love to you
ps I read all my comments you know, every last one of 'em, even when they run into the hundreds :o) ♥

margaretfeist said...

well done you, I knew that eventually you would achieve it!

It's going to look brilliant.

Amanda Lightfoot said...

Look forward to seeing the results Rachel. I just about managed to make a dish cloth from some distant memories of crochet. I really must look at some videos and see if I can manage a flower. Think they would make great embellishments for some of my stitching projects! x