Sunday, October 2, 2011

the picture post!.

so i've been pottering around today, avoiding overheating myself like yesterday!. i'm not sure today was as hot as yesterday. heres some views from the day. i mowed the lawn, hoping its the last time this year!. while i enjoy doing it, i dont like using an electric mower!.
i may have ordered a couple of things online this week....things for this years JYC
and 2 books from the editors of one of my favourite magazines in the world....USA Country Living.
making progress with the crocheting....have got several circles made now, so this week on the bus, i shall try the squaring off and see how that works!.
if you look closely i may have a few blueberries to round off the growing year!.
part of my new ''allotment'' aka the back patio!. in this photo are the 2 pots of leeks, my blueberries....1 big pot, and 2 small, which i will transplant in a month or 2, and my blackcurrant i dug up from the allotment.
i may also get a raspberry!!.
the other half of my ''allotment''...3 varieties of raspberries, and my boysenberry. regarding the raspberries....i dug up 2 canes of each variety, so i have a backup plan if one cane doesnt like the transplant!. i'm going to see if i can find an early pic of the boysenberry from 3 years ago....its certainly grown. its the sad looking plant on the left of the pic....i had watered all the bags of canes last night when i got in, but the boysenberry didnt have enough roots in the water so packed a sad. its had a good water when i potted it up, so fingers crossed it will be fine.

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