Saturday, October 1, 2011

Goodbye plot 21

Well, today i went up to the allotment for the last time, to collect some bits and make sure that those who are taking things, know they can start doing it. I brought back my blue berries, blackcurrant, boysenberry, and raspberry canes of 3 varieties. i also potted up my leek seedlings and brought those back so i can have fresh leeks in my risotto!. I also harvested the last of the beans, potatoes and tomatoes. it was far to hot to be digging up stuff but today was my last real chance to do it, without things getting stressful!. it said it was 29degrees outside, in the car that brought me home!. I loved my allotment, and if i still had the car, i would have kept it, or maybe reduced the size. but without the car its 2 bus rides and with no loos onsite, there isnt much time to get anything done before you have to think about going home to the loo!. I learnt that i want to grow my food!. I learnt that i really need to do that in my own backyard, so i can potter for a little while whenever i want, and not have to plan a trip!. I learnt that tomatoes fare better in the tunnel rather than outside.....i've never had success with them outside in the 3yrs i had the plot, but this year, with no help from me, they have done better. I will miss the people i chatted to while i was there, but i am looking forward to half a day extra at the weekends now as well!. so, there we have allotment experience is over....thank you plot21 xx

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