Saturday, September 24, 2011

Care Package from Home.

Yesterday i received this little pile of goodies from home....oh how i love to get care packages, with tastes from home, bits of newspaper, and in this package woolly socks and something very special. this is what i got....btw, in the background, you can see the boxes of chocolate i have received lately from students who've passed their course!. i'm not short of choccie at the moment!!.
snuggly woolly socks for the winter!
fruit puffs to make lolly cake, and shrewburys.....which i'm not ashamed to say, have almost gone!!
love love love chokitos!!. these were brought in Australia, cos they arent readily avaliable in NZ anymore, taken back to CHCH and then sent to me!
mmmm......jaffa thins....i save these to last!.
perky nanas...banana flavoured choc bars!.
black knight it!
and finally, these beautiful earring with huge sentimental value. they are designed after the now destroyed rose window of the Christchurch Catherdral. apparently they are limited edition, so i'm thrilled my mum thought to get me some, i just love them and what they represent.
right.....what shall i eat next?!!


ally said...

ooohhh perky nanas lol

margaretfeist said...

the earrings are beautiful, and are top of the list in your pile of goodies where I'm concerned! You can have all the choccie, I might be tempted with a fruitie (if there are any left)!
Enjoy xxx