Sunday, September 11, 2011

Giddy with excitement!

for some strange reason i find i have more creative flow when theres a sports match on the telly.....dont ask me why?!!. its always been the case, and today was no exception. I showed you last night what i had done...that is, the white edged square. this morning thru to about 2pm i parked myself on the sofa with my wool beside me, my laptop on the arm rest and away i went!. Ireland v USA, one square completed....took most of the game, cos i had to remind myself of the squaring process, and the double treble stitch which i hadnt done before. Wales v South Africa, next square done mostly in the first half, so speeding up some. btw.....Wales played bloody fantastically and deserved to win....TMO for penalty kicks please!!. Then the Italian Grand Prix, (go Jenson!!), and i got the 3rd square for today completed. then i stopped cos i was beginning to get crocheted out!. so i photographed them instead!!. so here we are, the 4 squares so far towards a nice woolly blanket for the winter!. size wise, they are about 8" x 8".


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hooray! I'm back and I've subscribed properly....thank you so much for letting me know!!

Your crochet is gorgeous - I love the colours you've picked!


margaretfeist said...

go RaRa go! You have certainly got the crochet bug off to a T, the squares are looking brilliant, can't wait to see the finished article