Saturday, September 10, 2011

new project on the hook!.

Since i finished the bloomin flower cushion, i've been looking round for a new project. I pretty much knew i wanted to make a blanket, and had started some smaller squares for it, that i could do on the bus. then i came across a blog with a great blanket and tutorial and decided to make that my next project. I took a trip to a yarn shop and brought 5 colours. Each square uses 4 colours, but i decided that i would add a 5th colour to the next so that the blanket doesnt become to repetitive. It should also give me 20 different combinations for each square!. I ahev photographed the progress since i started this late this afternoon, but the last couple of photos were taken at night, so i will redo them on the next square in the day time. when you look at the completed square, refer back to the colours in top posts to get an better idea of what it really looks like. the colours-
the first 4 rounds-
the first corner made-
the completed square-

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Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi Rach,

It's looking great!! Your crochet is fantastically neat, and I love the colours you've picked!

And I've signed up to subscribe to your RSS feed!!! Thanks so much for letting me know!