Sunday, September 18, 2011


What a game!!! of the most exciting games i've seen in a long time!!!. Ireland beating Australia!!!!!!.....something that doesnt happen everyday, and for this kiwi, simply fantastic!. After my beloved NZ, i do actually support Ireland. I've had a long standing love affair with Ireland since i was introduced to an Irish pub in south London 20 odd years ago. I love the country, i love the music and i have even been known to love the odd Irishman for good measure!. (i'll leave you to decide if the Irishman was actually odd, or not!!, or i mean a couple!). So yesterday morning i got settled on the sofa, praying that the Irish would keep in touch on the scoreboard and it wouldnt be the whitewash, that it could be, given Australia are the second best side in the world (after NZ!!). By the end of the game i was jumping up and down in the living shouting, clapping and cheering them on. I knocked the laptop off the side of the sofa, which knocked over a glass of drink, which went flying and shattering glass all over the floor!!. the laptop survived, but i bent the broadband dongle!. thankfully that still works, but is at an odd angle!. I was over the moon.....just brilliant!!. And cos the game was so exciting, i didnt do any crochet!. So this morning i got up and watched the end of one game and the French v Canada game and got 2 more squares made!!. I'm loving this new pattern...i pretty much have it in my head now and dont have to refer to the written instructions often. I have 6 squares now, so need to crank it up a bit if i'm to have a full blanket by the end of the year!!. I'm going to have to come up with a way of being able to do it on the bus, and i think the answer is to do the circle part at home where you have to fasten off every row, and do the squaring off part on the bus cos it only needs one colour of wool and no fastening off til you finish the square. then do a couple of complete ones at the weekend!. We'll see how that plan works out!!.

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Elizabeth said...

It was a great game, Ireland is a very special place i hope when you come visiting you will look us up x