Sunday, April 25, 2010


its ANZAC Day, and its a sunday, and i should have put 2 and 2 together and realised there was probably an ANZAC Day parade and service at Westminster this morning!. oh well...another year!. i must also add 'trip to Gallipolli' to my 'must visit before 2012' list!.

in other news!....finally got all the rest of the spuds in at the lottie, altho not in the bed they should have gone in, but a combination of weather, assignments and ill health have prevented me from getting that bed dug in time. so i have used another bed and corner of a second. i have 5 varieties in now. i also turned a growbag on its side, cut it open and sowed 2 rows of carrots. my ground is to stony for carrots in the ground. i was going to spend time de-stoning a bed but the combination factor mentioned above stopped me, so i came up with this idea last night. i've only used one half and will sow another 2 rows in about 3 weeks.

i brought home some of my tulips today and put them in a vase....beautiful 'Queen of the Night'....deep purple. i'll photograph them when they open a bit more.

been looking at houses with my flatmate to try and find something to move into....not much luck so far....either small rooms or bad parking, or crappy area!. got a month to find something, so fingers crossed we will!!.

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Sarah said...

Hi Rachel, found your blog through the DTE forum.My grandfather was at Gallipoli, but with the Warwickshire Yeomanary. The only thing he ever told my mother about the experience was his anger at having to leave their horses behind to drown.