Sunday, April 29, 2012

not much today!

i have not achieved alot today!. the weather is miserable and that just compliments my mood at present!. i have begun the packing in preparation for moving, and boy, i cant wait to be out of this miserable place!. i love my room....i shall miss it....loads of sun all day, when the sun bothers to shine, and i doubt i'll be lucky enough to have that again!. i have so much crap!. i really need to figure out why i need so much stuff, or cant throw things away!. i am determined to get ontop of that in the new place as its going to be a small place, plus, am i moving back to NZ or not?, which will mean i have to cull big time!. i havent done any more crocheting for the blanket edges this will have to wait to next weekend!. at least thats a bank holiday more time to play, and pack!. i have, rather foolishly, packed away my art journal stuff when i should have kept the pad i was using out so i could continue to dabble with drawing....will have to do that on scrap paper for now!. i want to come up with a figure i can use and some doodling that is unique to me, and i'm thinking something Maori inspired, and i want to play!. i am now in the 'less than a month' phase and while overall i feel down, and thrilled i have made it to the end. i'll be poorer, but thats another story!, but boy will i be happier!. life lesson - dont live with humans!. finally, i have to share this with the few of you who read this, it made me laugh out load and given my current statement on my goal in life, it fits beautifully.
i found it on pinterest my current goal in life is to be the crazy cat lady with 387 cats and purple hair. its gotta be easier that living with a human!.

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Beth said...

Love the Crazy Cat lady idea. Remember Betty? With the purple here you could be a great combination of Betty & Esme:)
Keep smiling and don't let your current situation ruin your life. You're a survivor.