Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm going to keep this blog, otherwise i'll never end up keeping one!

* cut and pasted from the live journal one, which i am going to delete!

I hadn't been certain i had much to blog about here....i'm kinda in a 'no mans land' as i'm not in my own flat, not eating the way i want to etc, so havent kept up with this.
However over the past week i've sorted some life things out in my head and decided to get back to this and record the next part of my journey to root planting!.
I've decided that i want to be in Australia by the time my niece turns 3.....4 at the latest, so that gives me another 2-3 yrs here in the UK. Early next year i will move out of this place and into a studio in a bid to save some more money and to force me to cull some of the stuff i currently have in storage!. I only want to ship the essentials to OZ when the time comes.....not lifes essentials btw, my essentials!!!.
Tomorrow i start college for 12wks......i'm doing an assessors certificate and in doing some research have discovered this is a role in OZ as well, so that is good for the future....i'll use this few years to train up, gain experience then launch myself on the aussies!!. I'm looking forward to this change.....i'm about ready for a change from kids for a while so this is the perfect role for me....imparting my knowledge and experience in those who will do the caring. I'll still be nannying 3 days a week with the girls but in the new year will make the change to full time assessing work.
Tomorrow also marks the start of the 5 day week for me again after the best part of 3 years!. It will probably be that way now for the next 5 or so years so i can build up the money in order to buy some land in OZ to continue my dream of self reliance.

The dream be self reliant as much as possible and that should be well and truely possible in Australia. At the moment i'm looking at land prices in northern Vic and northern NSW.......just getting an idea of price and whats around. both those areas seem to have good growing climates and a decent rainfall per year. I've reaquainted myself with an aussie forum on simple living and have got involved in a recipe swap on that!.
speaking of recipe swaps....i've also joined the UKS xmas recipe swap, so the old creative grey matter needs to get kicked back into gear big time.....10 6 x 6 recipes to be made, plus a couple for the aussie one, and on top of that finish last years JYC, and make a pressie for my parents to be posted by the beginning of dec!. Just as well the allotment is quietening down!.

The allotment has been fab this season, altho a few things have suffered the too much rain/not enough sun that has been this summer. my successes have been beans, strawberries, spuds along with a good handful of onions, leeks, raspberries, lettuce. my failures have been many!. mostly due to slugs/planting to late or lack of enough sun. my sweetcorn all grew but is running out of time....i doubt the cobs will be ripen enough!.
next year i need to learn successional sowing better, and plant more for storage foods.....tomatoes for cooking, beans for drying etc.

Theres a chance i'm being taken to New York at the end of Jan to celebrate LM's fathers 50th. If thats the case i am seriously considering bring back a proper pressure canner in order to help preserve and store my harvest. The cheapest way to get one is to bring one back, because you pay more for shipping the item than you do the item. I just need to investigate it a bit more!.
Another reason for getting it now is to use this time before going to the land to learn lots of skills that are going to liveblood skills once i get there. the allotment is one learning curve, and preserving the harvest is the next important one i believe.

WOW! mammoth post. i'll close for now, and see how many people are actually reading this!!. please comment if you do stop by for a look to see if i've done anything....would be nice to know someones reading my drivel!.

hmmm....just done a preview of this.....loads written and more to say!. LM's quilt, new glimmer mists!!!, new books!. i'll save them for another post.
I did notice and ad at the bottom....not sure i like that idea and may end up moving the blog again.....i've not found livejournal user friendly....perhaps its cos i dont use it enough!.
right outta here.....x-factors on in 15!.

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MWG said...

I'm reading and following Ra Ra. I so love following my friends exploits, dreams and yearnings and you have certainly wetted my appetite this time. Boy are you taking life by the straps and giving it a yank!

Just keep posting and I'll keep following xxx