Sunday, September 27, 2009

probably biting off more than i can chew!!

I have decided to have a go at making a quilt for LM using a pile of her old baby clothes cut into 6 x 6" squares, and backed with an old blanket she used to play on when she couldnt move!. I think its a great idea, just not sure if i can pull it off!!.
I'll finish the scrapping projects i've got first, then make a start on it over xmas, and hope to have a good chunk of it done before allotment season really kicks into gear in March!.

Still having no luck at getting the old laptop back on to a state where i can get more photos off it. I may have to hand it to someone yet who can at least get me to that point. Gotta get into the habit of backing up more!.

Thats about all for now....having a relax before college tomorrow.....dont like 5 day weeks very much!.

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MWG said...

Quilt making is something I have always wanted to do since seeing the wonderful quilts that are made in North America, but have decided this is something that will have to wait until I retire!! What a joke, I won't have the time with everything else I have lined up!