Thursday, October 8, 2009

attempting to add some pretty pictures!!

I've had limited success with my tomatoes this year....the early planted ones got eaten by slugs and that set me back in getting a plant to fruit before the frosts started.
i managed to grow some Amish Paste cooking tomatoes and by early sept had a truss of 4 or 5 beauties.....

then about 3 weeks ago i started to see threads on the grapevine regarding the colder nights and decided to cut that truss off and bring it indoors to continue to ripen so i could harvest the seed. i set them on a plate with some bananas and other ripe toms (LM's ones that grew brilliantly this year!), and finally this week, they have started to turn red....yipppeeee!!.

this is a picture of what i harvested at the allotment today....runner beans, purple french beans and yes, that is a strawberry!!. plus some other bean pods for drying and saving the seed!.

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MWG said...

We have had loads of runner beans this year and some broad beans. Like you our tomatoes have been a tad indifferent, but am thinking of making chutney with the green ones as unlike me DWG doesn't like fried green tomatoes!DWG is currently on the chestnut forage, bringing home a bag everytime he walks the dog. We have a bag to put down for Christmas and we are keeping friends and family supplied for their barbies!! DWG went green this year planting oodles of stuff, but to no avail we have fed the slugs and visiting hedgehog and the local field mice but not ourselves! Hey ho green is green is whatever format you see it!
Love the piccies, makes you really think of autumn when you talk about seeds and harvesting.