Tuesday, October 27, 2009

JYC 2009

I was thinking i wouldnt do Journal Your Christmas this year.....i'm still living in, in a Jewish home and wont have many xmassy things around me. Then this evening, i've been reading a thread on UKS about whos doing it and why and i got to thinking....i could make it work this year. I could incorporate things about Channukah, which runs the week before xmas this year.
so, even tho i havent finished last years one, i think i will go ahead and start thinking about doing it again this year. altho, i will pull finger and finish last years one before starting this years one.....discipline girl....discipline!.
As someone on UKS said, it almost becomes a tradition in itself!.


MWG said...

Go for it Rachel, time is a very fluid thing and we all profess not to have enough of it to do everything, but I have found that you can always find time to do what you really want to! That is my words of wisdom for the day!

DWG and I celebrated our Silver wedding anniversary yesterday and we sat over a glass of something special and made decisions for the next 25 years! Life is special, precious and to be enjoyed xxxxxx

ally said...

i am doing it this year as is ann, you have to do it :) it does become a tradition itself, and what an awesome experience you will have to put in your book this year. xx