Friday, October 9, 2009

a big kiss to......

thank you for reading and commenting on my puts a smile on my face to see you there. Miss you heaps and hope to see you up our way sometime soon.
lots of love,
the kiwi flavoured jelly xxx

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MWG said...

I've missed you too sunshine, but to follow blogs and news from friends keeps me up to speed (mentally if not physically!)

I really need to think more positively about my scrapping, I 'do' on a need basis at the moment. Not what we all intended when we started out!

Keep the veggies going, DWG brought home a bag of cooking apples, with pears and few more chestnuts and a brace of pheasants on Friday - don't ask! He has just phoned me to say it's more chestnuts and apples today. It's a case of nut roast and apple pie methinks for the forseeable future!