Sunday, October 18, 2009

Harvested the tomato seeds finally!.

I finally spent a few mins getting all the seeds out of the 4 Amish Paste tomatoes i had brought in to try and ripen and save the seed from. I have loads of seed floating round the jar separating themselves from the pulp and they should be ready to dry in a couple of days.

Am getting the recipe cards done for the 2 swaps i'm in. Am all completed for the aussie forum one, just need to send. for the UKS one, i've done 5 of the 10 and have til the end of the month, so thats all under control!.

popped into M & S this arvo and picked up a tin of biscuits, so i can use the tin afterwards as my sewing tin!!. its in the shape of an open book, with lots of fun M&S scenes on the top from days gone by. its a nice big rectangle and will hold the scissors nicely!. the biscuits inside are rather yummy as well!!!.

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MWG said...

Having read this I am wondering if we should harvest tommie seed. I just eat them as soon as they ripen! Thought that was what I was supposed to do! They are yummy!