Tuesday, October 20, 2009

For MWG....

the reason i saved the seeds was cos those particular tomatos only come from one supplier of heirloom vege, and while you get a decent amount in a bag, it still costs quite alot and if i didnt save some seed, i'd have basically wasted that packet of seed!. The first lot of seedlings i planted were eaten by slugs!. Also, i want to get into saving seed and this is a good place to start.

make sure that if you do decide to save some seed, you are saving from non F1 tomatoes, as those ones may not grow true to type as they are hybrids.

heres the latest two pics....the top one is the seeds soaking and separating from the pulp, and the bottom one showing how all 4 toms eventually turned red!. i will take some more photos as the seeds are processed....over the next few days.

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MWG said...

Those tomatos look positively yummy - they'd never make seed in our house, I wouldn't be able to keep my fingers off them!!!

I will tell my lickle man at home about this, and if I manage to get myself on line at home I will show him too!