Saturday, October 17, 2009

Finally got to the allotment!.

With the college course starting and homework associated with that, i have struggled to give the allotment much time....thankfully its the winding down season anyway, but i still had a few 'must do's' to do!.
I spent 2.5hrs up there this morning and got all my onions and garlic into my newly dug bed, so am feeling alot better now things now....that was a big job, and i can now cross it off!. i've got red and white onions, and 4 varieties of garlic that i brought when i went to Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. sadly one of the bulbs was iffy at the base, so only 2 of the cloves were any good....but thats ok....i'll use one bulb and taste it, and if i like it, will use the second for seed for the following year!.
i pulled up all the plum tomato plants as well.....i rescued a good handfull of green toms and have put them on a tray in the closed growhouse, so maybe they will ripen in there in the sun. the 4 i have at home are all red now and i will harvest the seed tomorrow arvo, along with a few of LM's toms!.
the last job done today was the plant the loganberry in the berry bed.
so a good mornings work done.
i shall try and take a few new pics, as i havent yet managed to rescue the old allotment pics off the old laptop.

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MWG said...

Wow what a lot you done! Or words to that effect!

We have pulled all our tomatos and have some more green ones ripening.

DWG has been harvesting 'wild' pears and I am going to bottle/pickle some over the half term ready for Christmas. Also on the half term list is the making of the Puddings and cakes!