Tuesday, December 1, 2009

JYC 1/12/09

todays entry....i'm currently up to date....lol!!.
and notice what i found in my pile of stash....i cant have noticed it when i was cutting up the sheet cos i'd have put it on the front!! (Santa flying a plane!!)

here for my scrapmates friends is how far i've got with my tree....just got the numbers to do and hang on, but ermmm....have lost one of the screws!!. then will decide if it needs anything else once they are on.

And finally, cos its now December....this years first batch of butter tarts....(with my sous chef!)


ally said...

Oh oh oh jumping up and down all excited, i spy the gingerbread people lol
ok what are butter tarts???

MWG said...

Oh the butter tarts - I remember them well - yummy yummy yummy!

Again the chrissie bits are looking amazing.

Just keep them coming xxxxxxxxxxxxxx