Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the to-do list for next year!!

well its nearly next year, and i havent written much on here over the past few weeks. Sadly not cos i was to busy with the Captain.....just cos there hasnt been that much to say! i was up to date with JYC til xmas day, but havent done any since then. i plan to do a few more pages but thats about it really.... dont tend to celebrate new years, so theres not much more to put in.
I've been reading some to-do lists of people on a forum i read and i thought i would put mine out there for next might keep me on track!!!

1) Build up the finances in order to move out of current situation.
2) find studio flat to live in- late march/early April (studio to downsize outgoings and cull belongings!)
3) get better at successional sowing on the allotment
4) plant more for the freezer to reduce the need to buy vege throughout the year
5) be really ruthless when unpacking stuff in storage...i havent used/needed it for the past year!!!
6) visit some more european cities....hopefully the Captain will play a part in that!
7) see if its possible to save for a trip downunder for xmas 2010.
8) continue to learn about self sufficiency
9) make my own bread

i'm sure there will be more!. Whats on your list?

Happy New Year everyone!!.


MWG said...

So good to see you back on the blog, I'm an ole fogie and prefer this to facebook. Perhaps that needs to be one for my list - try to use facebook more to keep in touch with those I love!

I am pleased to see that the captain is to be part of 2010, may that flourish and bloom darlin.

2010 is going to be a special year for our family with things planned and things in the offing

We have a new bathroom being fitted in January and new kitchen in February, I plan to do something major in the early part of the year and our daughter in law will turn 40 in May!

So watch this space.........or should I say watch my facebook space!!

he he he he he!!!!!

Love and hugs for the new year xxxxx

ally said...

and your friends can help out with visiting european cities too :0)