Sunday, May 1, 2011

Allotment latest

well, i have been working away slowly making progress with the plot. not going as fast as i would have liked tho...theres a whole section of weeds and grass that i'm not going to get to this weekend.
have begun weeding the raspberry beds, but again, have been hampered by red ant nests. cos i sit on the ground to weed, when i open a nest, i have to evacuate the area until they have moved on, so the going is slow.
i've transplanted 8 of my tomatoes into grow bags in the polytunnel and they have survived, so thats good!.
today i sowed the last lot of beans for a swap i'm in on the grapevine.
i have taken some photos for the 'during' part of the photo post. once i'm happy to show it i'll do a photo post and show whats been done!.
hope everyone is enjoying the bank holiday weekend!.

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