Sunday, May 22, 2011

Car Boot Sale

Today i went to the local car boot sale for the second time....the first time was about 3 yrs ago, and i've been meaning to go back for ages!.
I have come up with a secret project for Christmas that invloves me needing to visit car boot sales or goodwill shops, so i thought i would pop along this morning and see what i could find.
I spent a total of £7.50, with my 2 most expensive items being paintings priced at £1.50 each.
My best buy were the 5 Historic America plates for £1....seriously...5 plates for a pound!. i collect this pattern and was almost weeing myself with excitement when he said £1 for the lot!!.
heres what i got.....

in this picture are the 5 plates, a pressed glass bowl for £1, and a french jar for £0.50

this platter cost £1

this was £1.50

the bigger painting was £1.50, and now i'm not sure i like it, and the smaller one, which i love was £1

all in all it was a good trip....some items for the secret projects, and some new treasures for me.
I was alos looking out for vintage furniture because i want to try my hand at painting a piece. I saw a couple of nice side was sold but the asking price was £25...i wouldnt have paid that. the other was offers around £20, which was better, cos it was twice the size of the other table....trouble was, i wouldnt have been able to fit it in the car!.
I'll keep looking for a cheap piece to try for my first go!.

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