Saturday, June 4, 2011

freecycle :-)

This afternoon, with the help of a friend i collected a lovely vintage sideboard from someone on freecycle. She'd had it 30 years and didnt think anyone would pay money for it. In fact the first people interested in it didnt want it!. It requires some trim to be nailed back onto one door, and thats about it. I'm so happy...i love vintage things, and to get something for the cost of a bunch of flowers that i gave to my friend for helping me is wonderful.
I orginally wanted to find a piece of furniture to try my hand at painting it after seeing loads of lovely pieces on blogs and pinterest, but this one seems to nice to paint!.
Any way, here she is.....
aren't i lucky!!. I love the pattern on the doors. the lady billed it as Edwardian, its either that or Victorian i'd guess.
I heart my new sideboard....long may she give another 30yrs of good storage service!.


Amanda Lightfoot said...

Looks fab Rachel. Hard to find something that solidly made in stores now I'm sure. Especially ones that would just give it to you! x

Ann Freeman (mafswife) said...

The Sideboard looks lovely Rach!