Monday, May 7, 2012

End of an era.

This evening i gave away all my remaining gardening equipment and berry canes to a well deserved schoold gardening project. While i feel excited about moving and the relief it will bring me, i feel very sad to say goodbye to that stuff. My beloved boysenberry that i brought even before i had the keys to the allotment and to me is a little reminder of home as we love boysenberry flavoured things - esp ice cream!. i couldnt keep them as i have no outdoor space where i am moving to, so its silly to be sad!. i have kept the blueberry and will see if it will produce berries for me on a sunny windowsill....i just have to make sure the bees can get to it to pollinate it!. this morning i took a few snaps to remind me of them!.
all 6 pots - the 4 raspberries on the right, the blackcurrent at the front left and the boysenberry behind it. all if them have thrived well in the pots and several have begun to set flowers, so i hope the children look after them!. oh well!, onwards and upwards as they say.

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