Saturday, May 19, 2012

The New Digs!

Today i moved out of a shared property and into a flat on my own. i'm back in a road i used to live in, but this time at the entrance rather than the very end of the road. this time my home only has 2 numbers in it, whereas before it was in the 300's!. i walked out to the supermarket once all my ''treasures'' were inside, and it tool 3 minutes of painful walking!. and thats to the supermarket across the road. there is also one on this side of the road, that my living room window overlooks....well its carpark and trees!. that 3 mins was a painful waddle after all the box lugging i did!. i had come home yesterday on the new journey route and it took 45mins!, it used to take my 1.5hrs!. havent done the morning trip yet, so dont know if its also 45mins, or a bit longer....tuesday i will find out. i wont put up any photos just yet, as it currently looks like a storage facility!. i've got a week off before the Jubilee weekend, and i'll play house then and make it all pretty and homely!. so, new digs, new chapter!. looking forward to it!.


Margaret Feist said...

enjoy your new home, where it is yours and yours alone, you can have what you want where you want, the heating on low or high, music of your choice at the volume you want (considering the neighbours of course)and invite the folk in that you want, not those imposed on you.
Be happy RaRa, you deserve it

Margaret Feist said...

Good luck in your new home, have fun and enjoy being able to have your own space, have heating on low or high, music at the volume of your choice (consideration to neighbours of course) and inviting friends in when you want not having other folks imposed on you at times that are not conveiniant.
Be happy xxx