Saturday, June 16, 2012

Homemade - my kinda fun!.

Here is the finished blanket. I'm so thrilled with it and its something that i will use (& have done since England seems to think its in the southern hemisphere!) for many years. i made it with 100% wool so that it would be pretty, and warm!. I followed the very clear and excellent tutorial from Signed with an Owl blog. i ended up doing 8 lines of grannys round the edge to finish it off. i've also been baking - 2 batches of my favourite Donna Hay chocolate biscuits - i tried to find the recipe online, but the closest on the Donna Hay website contains milk, which my recipe doesnt. I found my recipe in the Daily Mail magazine many years ago, and it makes a lovely fudgy biscuit with big chunks of choccie in it. today i made ANZAC biccies and finally, i have been playing and learning techniques for art journalling, i have finished one page completely and am thrilled with it as my first attempt. i am interested in doing a calendar journal as well, and did make pages for this month, but i'm not happy with both the pages and the book its in, so am going to rethink. i have been keeping a note of whats been happening, for when i get the pages done. i've decided to do 12 x 12 and into an empty AC craft album i have. i'll show when its done!.


ally said...

Yummy biscuits and awesome journal page. X

Margaret Feist said...

The blanket looks snug and the biscuits look yum yum yum and as for the art journal page, it is so true and beautiful, well done you xxx

Margaret Feist said...

the blanket looks snug and warm, the biscuits look yum yum yum and the art journal page is so true and beautiful xxx