Sunday, June 17, 2012

Homemade part 2!.

I've had a very productive weekend considering i spent half of it sitting on my chuff watching rugby!!. last night i sat and created my second art journal page, and while there are things i'd do differently, or add, i'm not going to for this and use it as a stepping stone to the next page. other than the blue paint, everything on the page is old stash - how cool is it that the stuff you consider to old for scrapbooking is perfect for art journalling!. i'll break down the info more if people are interested, but since about 3 people read my blog, i sharn't stress about it. the quote is 'make your hearts desires happen' and for me, my 3 main goals in life are on that page - to own a house, have a cat and a garden. the garden element is more subtle - the pp on the body of the house has fruits on it, to represent food production!. then today i decided to make yo yos, which is a kiwi biscuit made without eggs (which i hadnt realised!), and flavoured with custard powder, and sandwiched with a butter/custard powder icing - very yummy!. and finally, not a make - yet!, but the start of one!. this is my next major project, and a quite ambitious one!. i'm going to make LM a quilt from some of her baby clothes. i've started separating the clothing, and researching pinterest for designs, and over the next couple of weeks am going to research sewing machines, as i have started this quilt previously but it was rubbish trying to do it by hand!!. and finally - rude words to blogger - it wont let me tidy up my posts when it decides to post it looking like a dogs breakfast, so i may consider a different blog site, as yesterdays post, no matter how much i try to edit, wont change!.


ally said...

yo yo's look like whoopie pies. loving the journal pages as well.

Margaret Feist said...

the yo yo's look wonderful, I have never tasted them, but they sure look yummy. The journal page is great, you have taken to this art form brilliantly, well done you xxx