Sunday, January 20, 2008

let the cooking begin.....

mmmmm.....i've just eaten my first casserole in ages. I havent made one for donkeys....the last time i can think of it was when i was training as a nanny 20 odd yrs ago. I have avoided having to make them cos my mum makes such a delicious casserole, so i've always eaten hers!!.
I opened my trusty old Edmonds Cookbook and followed the bog standard recipe, adding peas and parsnips and a splash of red wine for flavour. it cooked for 2 hrs and i had a plateful with lovely mashed potatoes.....yummmmmm!!.

The Edmonds Cookbook is a national institution in New Zealand.....just about every household has one edition or another!......mines about 25yrs old. It holds recipes for every basic dish you'd want, and has an excellent cake and biscuit many wonderful biscuits that are not even heard of here in the UK!.
I plan on making ANZAC biscuits after i have made a coffee cake that i love!. ANZAC biccies are made with oats, coconut, golden syrup etc and are either crisp or chewy.....which i prefer!.

will share piccies of cakes and biccies as i make them, the casseroles a bit boring to photograph, but will make about 3 other meals, so thats great!!.

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Alison Docherty said...

okay firstly that cook book sounds fab....i could do with a basic one anything more and i'm lost!!!! and secondly how much was in your coin pot....answers on uks please lol