Saturday, January 19, 2008

what a rip off!!!.

Sometime last March or April i decided to save all my small change....anything less than a 50p piece. I'd keep the £1 and £2 coins, the 50p and then enough change to pay for a couple of trips to the local parking building as the 'lovely' machine there doesnt give back change!.
Every week to 10days i'd empty my purse and add to the pot. I have no idea how much is in there, altho in Dec i counted out £31 in silver change to take to the Scrapmates mega crop as change for people buying things from me!. And that £31 was only half the pot!!.
I decided that as close to Dec 31st, i'd take the pot to my supermarket where it has one of those counting machines that turn your coins into cash. But i ended up with car troubles so last night was the first opportunity i had to do it.
I carried the pot to work in the boot( trunk!) of my car and then after work headed for the supermarket. Having not used the machine before i followed the demo prompt first and thereby making a small discovery.......for every £1 i tipped into the machine, the machine would kindly charge me 7.9p!. No way!.
so i put my pot back into my shopping bag, and carried on with my shopping!. There is no way after saving all that money i was going to give a chunk of it up to pay for using a counting machine!. I shall go to the bank and pick up those plastic coin bags and count it myself!.
Stayed tuned for the results!.
(thats if anyone actually reads this!!).

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ally said...

i used one of those machines too! i had over £90 in change from a huge jar and it only gave me £78 as it took loads in commission, rip off or what! it will teach me to read the signs first .