Wednesday, August 20, 2008

first ever harvest!!.

this morning i harvested some potatoes......WOW!! amazing is that!. i took the girls up to the allotment to plant some runners (gonna give them another go and hope for the best!), and noticed one of the potato plants had alot of yellow leaves, so decided to lift it and see what was underneath!. there was a couple of green spuds, cos i didnt earth up at all!, a couple that housed some slugs and the rest were fine!. i gave one to LM for her dinner...and had a mouthful, and have brought the rest home....and they are cooking now!!

this is big!!!.....i have never eaten anything i have grown before! i have taken a photo of a couple of them and will upload it later, plus a report on the taste.....which we all know will be outstanding.....spuds fresh from the ground.....underground 12hrs ago....etc etc etc!!.

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ally said...

i am sure that they will taste great, we picked and ate ours on Tuesday and i must say its a great feeling to know that i have grown them from scratch. Just waiting for toms to go red, loads of greens ones at mo. And for the corn cobs to get a bit bigger :)