Thursday, August 14, 2008

SSish Day and Freecycle

Yesterday was the 1st ever Self Sufficientish Day.....a day when we were asked not to spend on the forum(not that i spend ages!), and to do something that follows the whole self sufficiency ideal. so i cut up the bassinette sheets i had got at the car boot sale and made wee wipes. wonderful are they?! flannelette instead of toilet paper!.....theres nothing else you need to say!. (for those worried about visiting the ladies at my flat....i still have toilet paper!)

today i finally got a positive result from freecycle!. i've tried a couple of times before to take some items that were offered. the 1st time the person didnt reply to my email. the 2nd time i was to late for a old push mower....would have been good for the lottie, and finally yesterday i got the goods!!....well, got the call, and collected tonight!. i took a pile of 'grow your own' vege gardening magazines.

have the week off work and have visited the lottie a few much so, that i have overworked some muscles in my legs and back. so have done a few chores round the flat, then will go back to there tomorrow or over the weekend.

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ally said...

glad that i dont need to bring my own paper round lol