Monday, August 25, 2008

this post could have various titles.....

a) 'how cool is freecycle?'
b) 'let the winemaking commence!'
c) 'OMG, what was i thinking!!!'
d) 'hope my mother doesnt read my blog!'

a couple of weeks ago i noticed on freecycle someone was giving away some demijohns and winepress, so i sent off my email saying yes please, but was to late. i had noticed some others before but never heard back from the guy. at that time i posted on SSish that there was some on my freecycle and other than wine, what else could you make in them. everybody said grab them and you can make anything!!. so i was gutted the guy never got back to me. then this lot came up and again i was too late......or so i thought....
on saturday i got an email from the guy saying the 1st offeree hadnt bothered to turn up and the haul was mine if i still wanted it!!. so i said yes please and could collect sun or mon. the wife rung me back and it was arranged to collect this morning!.
and i have.....i now have 15 clear and 6 brown glass demijohns, and 2 boxes of wine making equipment which i havent explored yet!. the wife said they were just sitting in her dads shed and should go to a good home!.
i notice on SSish this morning, there's thread about blackberry wine, and there's loads of them at the allotment, so maybe i should try berries in free equipment.....very little to buy....would be an excellent start!.
will post a pic of the boot full of bottles, as well as some other pics from the allotment once i have taken them off the camera and resized them.

oh!, and if anyone(read ally!!) is wondering why????????......its all part of the whole self reliance thing hunni...i havent really lost my marbles!.

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ally said...

hey i am here supporting you all the way in wine making, remember i volunteer for any taste testing lol