Sunday, December 11, 2011


On friday back home in NZ one of our family cats had to be put to sleep as he had developed an incurable tumour and deteriorated very quickly. he was a lovely cat, if somewhat of a fruitcake!. we believe he was inbred at the cattery!. he was a ragdoll, the last of 3 my family had, and he last 14yrs. he thought he was a dog and adored my father, following him around constantly. my last memory of being with him is back in feb/mar when i went home following the earthquake. towards the end of my visit he had to go to the vet to have a tooth extrated. so he wasnt allowed breakfast that morning....well did he grovel for africa!. he gave up on my parents pretty quickly and came into me and headbutted me, kissed my cheek, purred loudly, 'talking' to me.....everything to try and convince me to feed him!. i kept saying i couldnt!. so wee rob, sleep well in heaven and give rosie and henry a big snuggle from me

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