Sunday, December 4, 2011

Suffering a lack of Christmas spirit this year!.

I'm finding it very hard to get into the festive spirit this year....i dont even have an advent calender i realised yesterday!. I started making the cover for my JYC this year, but have decided not to do an album this year, mostly due to how i'm feeling. so, i'm ahead for next year.....cover made, supplies brought!. lets just hope there is more festive joy next year!. I'm putting this lack of feeling down to my living arrangements.....i'm not happy where i live at the moment, for a variety of reasons i wont share publicly. I'm also working 6 day weeks at the moment to get students finished before Christmas, and i'm just knackered. i havent done much crochet lately either...although, i have started a granny stripe scarf which i hope to finish over the next few weeks. my blanket is currently up to 12 squares and i have restocked the wool, so once this crazy week has finished, i will get back into that, and also finding out about blocking it so i can start joining the squares up!. So, thats where i'm at.....not much to say, not much to show, not much at all!!.


Elizabeth said...

You just need a break i am sure. It is a lot of pressure we put on ourselves at Christmas . I am still waiting for that christmassy feeling,if it does not come there is always next year x

margaretfeist said...

That Christmas spirit has to come from deep within, and if you are too tired to dig deep only the wisps of spirit will float to the surface. Get this week over and hopefully the spirit will find it's way into your heart xxx