Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Brief Year in Review - 2011

As I come to the end of this year there doesn’t seem to be a lot to look back on that has been positive, and maybe that’s why I still carry this whole bar humbug feeling. The big things for the year for me where my hometown of Christchurch New Zealand falling to the ground on Feb 22nd. While I haven’t lived in the city for nearly 10yrs, a lot of the buildings that were destroyed or subsequently demolished are part of my history…..buildings I cycled past as a school girl at Rangi, or drove past as a Plunket Karitane. The headquarters of my job there was demolished….it had started life as the city’s fire station. It still upsets me to this day about home, and has made the pull to return very strong. I find the idea of being part of the rebuild very appealing. The other big change happened in the summer….the Captain who had been in my life for the best part of the previous 2 yrs left for good, and with him went my car. My trusty old Volvo finally gave up the ghost and the Captain couldn’t keep it on the road any longer so the decision to scrap was made, and with that the Captain scrapped himself also!. Due to the loss of the car, I ended up giving up my allotment. The round trip on the bus was up to 1 1/2hrs, and with no loos on site, didn’t leave much time to get much done and it started to become overgrown. I left my shed and polytunnel to 2 of the fellas who I chatted to the most and feel happy about that decision. I have some pots of berry canes on the patio here as well as some leeks. Until I know what I am doing I shall keep the canes alive!. Finally, at the beginning of the month dear wee Robbie was put to sleep, a much loved and cerished family member. The positives…..I learnt to crochet!. I made a cushion cover and a scarf, and am trying to make a woollen blanket….probably for next winter!, since this one is half way thru!. And that’s all I can think of as a positive!. I have a tough 5mths ahead of me until I can move into a place on my own, then I hope my spirits will left and normal service will return. Until then, I imagine the posts on this blog will be few and far between, I simply don’t have much to say at the moment and am not churning out much in the way of crochet!. Despite my bar humbug-ness, I wish the few of you who read this a very Happy New Year, and hope all you wish for, for the new year come true for you xx


ally said...

happy new year hunni xxx

margaretfeist said...

2011 was not the best of years all round, but we made it to the end, alive, with memories to treasure and with hope still alive! We lost some dear friends, but new little ones arrived to bless the lives of family and friends alike. It's what makes the great circle of life, it just hurts sometimes, but it is what makes us who we are, so here I am and this is me, ready or not watch out 2012! XXX