Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Doing things!.

Well, in an effort to being positive and shift this bad funk, i have done nice things today!. I baked a batch of sultana cookies to go into my lunch box this week.....back to work tomorrow!. I also crocheted another square for my blanket....this one a solid colour to break up the blanket at bit. the light was ok in my bedroom so i have photographed progress so far. This is by no means the finished ordered....just how i laid them out to photograph!. i think i need to look into blocking the squares and then joining some up now!.
I also think i need to do some more squares that dont feature white as the white seems very dominant in these pictures. Still, its exciting to see it all laid out like that. the square today took me an hour to do, because i havent really crocheted for over a month. when i was doing the squares before the mad 6wks at work, i was down to about 3/4hr with all the colour changes!.

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