Sunday, January 8, 2012

I've fallen in love......

......with a house!. Once in a while i look at the Christchurch property listings....just in case that euro millions lottery ticket pays out more the £6.70!. while looking today i found this......swoon!. click on 'this' to see the whole listing, but i have used a couple of photos here... its a spit level home that hasnt been renovated for donkeys!. so much potential!.
i love the size of the rooms, and here in the living room....i'm thinking bookcases along that large wall!.
this shows the split level....up to the kitchen, dining and living rooms, bedrooms on the entry level...the level this pic was taken, and garage and a 4th room on the lower level.
and finally, a good old kiwi kitchen!. so much could be done here!!
it goes to auction on the 2nd feb....if i win the euro between now and then, i'm sending my dad off to buy this!!. admittedly, it lacks curb appeal at the moment, but i love that its different....different from the usual homes in its layout. the split level is a common one in NZ, but i've not see one laid out like this, which is why i love it!. i'm all for having something different!. i dont do sameness....something that happens alot here in the UK!.

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