Sunday, January 29, 2012

Homemade Cookbooks

For as long as i can remember i have been making my own cookbooks with pages from magazines that inspire me. I think it stems from my mother telling me i cant keep all those magazines i had piled up in my room!. so i started to rip them up!. and i created scrapbooks, long before i even knew what scrapbooking was. I had one for decorating and one for recipes and bits and bobs. over the years i have kept this up and i love to go back and look at the earlier ones, see how my tastes have changed. i dont have any of those early ones here in the UK, but in the almost 10yrs i've been here this time i have been ripping and sticking to my hearts content. sometimes i am good at keeping up with it and other times, i let the magazines pile up and then have a marathon session!. i need to have that marathon session again, so in preparation, i sorted out and stuck in the pages that had been piling up since the last stucking session!. i usually decorate the covers but havent done for the newer 2!. i love these pukka project books, cos the come already sectioned and the dividing section has a pocket for those articles that cant be stuck down!. these books are mainly recipes although one has a decorating section. i divide the sections into mains, baking, desserts and other things!, and have magazine pages, my hand written things and even mums hand written things. i love to flick and see that to try, and i do try things!. some good, some not so good!. anyone else make their own cookbooks?!.

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ally said...

Cool idea, I might have to do a recipe one