Sunday, February 5, 2012

you're about 6wks to late!!

last night it snowed!. for the first time this winter we got a good dump of white stuff on the ground, and it sure does look pretty. would have been nicer to have had it for Xmas tho!. its going to make for a fun time getting to work tomorrow on the bus!. anyway, in response to a request for piccies to show my niece in Queensland Australia, what snow looks like, here are some piccies. the first 2 are taken 12hrs apart out my bedroom window, looking in one direction up my street.
this is looking in the other direction.
a snow wave!.
hopefully in this picture, you can see where the foxes have been running around the back garden like silly buggers!. noone else has been out the back til i took the pics, so all that churned up snow is from the foxes!.
a pic to show how much fell overnight...i reckon a good 10cm!.
finally, my allotment on the patio....there are leeks under that snow somewhere!!

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margaretfeist said...

well we've had it, and now it can go please, I don't do snow, there's too much gravity around with it and the posterior always catches the worst!
Hope your neice is dutifully impressed with Aunty Rachel's photos xxx