Sunday, February 12, 2012

Basil Brush!

I walked into the kitchen yesterday afternoon and noticed at the end of the garden in a patch of sun, was a fox. he stayed for quite some time, looking for food i think has he tried to eat a few things. I ran upstairs and got my camera and took a bunch of pics thru the window of the back door as he would have gone if i actually opened the door.....which i did after the photo session, to throw out some bread. the fox legged it when the door opened, but when i checked back later most of the bread was gone - to the birds or the fox, i dont know!. you can see how cold our temperatures have been, this snow was from last weekend, and despite sunny days, it hasnt melted yet!. anyway, heres Basil enjoying some warmth from the sun!.

1 comment:

margaretfeist said...

Basil looks well fed and not at all camera shy! Some great shots of your visitor x