Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Purple Bag.

Last week on my way home i decided to go to Libertys. In the 20yrs i have lived in london i have never been inside the shop, and have often wondered what treasures awaited me in there!. Well, i can honestly say not much!. i discounted 2 floors of fashion because they wouldnt have anything in my size that didnt require more limbs than i have to pay for it!. so i headed up to the haderdashery and homeware sections!. again, not alot that really grabbed my fancy!. however, having said all that, i did manage to come home with 2 purple bags!!.
in the bathroom section i found my favourite Italian soap, and amazingly, £1 cheaper than its sold for in Enfield!. so i got the last bar they had in the variety i like!. i also brought about hair turban, as the one i got in the States is fab, and still going strong, but having a spare is always a good idea. then the trouble started!!. i headed into the kitchen area....oh boy!. i had to really talk strongly with myself about just 'window shopping'. however i still managed to walk out with a large purple bag!. i spied 4 cereal bowls (all they had left), by Royal Doulton for £5 each!. not bad, and i love the soft blue on them.
then i saw the storage jars.....swooon.....i want more!. again, each was less than £5 each as well. i love that they are glass, and that they are different. i am going to get a few more of the jars, and also see if i can get relacement rubber seals and metal clasps. so, in conclusion, its an amazing building full of very helpful staff, but not alot in it that i desired or could afford.....picked up one flan dish....about 15cm diameter...£76 if you please!.

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margaretfeist said...

the bags look enticing and the contents brilliant. OK what are you going to put in the storage jars, sweeties? Something colourful, co-ordinated, yummy? Now I'm waiting for those photos xxx