Thursday, February 16, 2012


i am making progress with my blanket and have stumbled upon a new way colourway for the squares, which i also like!. so now the blanket is going to have about 3, possibly 4 different patterns for the squares, while they still follow the overall master plan!. i say 4, cos as i was making the 3rd pattern i thought about another option, but have yet to try it!. since this photo was taken, i have made two more original pattern squares, using the 4 nonwhite colours. i'll photograph the squares again this weekend. seeing it laid out on the bed shows me how much i am going to need to make, if i want it to cover a double bed!. so i need to think what i want it for, to know how many more squares i need to make. then, and i keep saying this, i need to thinking about blocking and joining up the squares!!.