Tuesday, February 7, 2012

something nice for the kitchen!

there is a shop in London that i love....it has quirky different things, because, as i've mentioned before i really dont like the sameness that seems to prevail here in the UK. this shop is called Oliver Bonas, and they have opened a branch near my office......oh danagerous, very dangerous. they have been carrying the Pip Studio china which i cant decide if i want or not, so on monday while changing buses i decided to pop into the shop and lust after the Pip Studio and try and make a decision. well, my local branch isnt carrying it, so i had a look at the other things on the shelf and i saw these......oh my....me likely!. you can find them here

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margaretfeist said...


They look so at home at RaRa's Place.

Snuggled in with the potted daffs and hand crocheted cushion, love them all xxx