Thursday, June 12, 2008

Allotment, day 7!

I popped up to the allotment after work for an hour last night. When i got there i saw a new pile of compost, so grabbed my large blue IKEA bag and shovel and hauled 3 full bags to my plot before it all went this time!. Last week there was some as well, but it was all gone be the time i was organised to get some!.
After i got the compost, i inspected my!!. my rose is going well, altho it has something...will need to do some research. theres spots on its leaves!. i have one potato plant coming thru as well!!!.
I marked out and dug over 2 more weeding, just turned it over and will go back over each of them this weekend.
I've decided my plan is to get the beds done and planted in the first half of the plot, covering the other half as i buy the plastic, then weed out the paths and get them tidy.....then slowly work my way thru the covered half!!. I think alot of that will be done in the autumn and winter as i wont plant anything that will need dealing with in dec/jan, as i'll be away for a month.
While its a big job, i'm not daunted by it at all....i can't wait to see how it all goes and what food i can grow!.

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