Sunday, January 2, 2011

and so this year.....

I've been thinking about goals for the year and the main one that i've been mulling on has been about books....probably something to do with the fact that bar my cookbooks, i have all the rest of my books in my bedroom....i have far to many books...altho i dont believe that is ever the case - just in this house!!.

so i have decided that for 2011 i will not buy any books....if i see something that i like, i will add it to my amazon wishlist and review it at some point during the year, then again at the end of the year, before i think about ordering the ones that survive all the cuts!.
it seems a simple goal, but for me its a biggie....books are an essential part of my home and to not buy any is going to be hard....i really cut down this year, but to cut it out altogether will be hard. the only exception will be if i am given a book voucher...i will use it rather than risk wasting it.

so i wont buy any books, and i will read the ones that i havent read.....which, lets face it, is 90% of them!. then i will pass on those that i dont fancy reading again, and keep those i really enjoy!.

so, thats main goal for this year!.

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MWG said...

Welcome back!

I have periodically checked for updates, including new years eve! But when I saw on facebook that you had posted I quickly came to see!

So glad the Captain is back on the horizon, long may he be so.

I look forward to more future posts, but please don't leave it so long next time.

As for the books - I am trying to be the same with paper! But not doing so well!