Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011!

G U L P!!

It's been a while!!.

I might be back for a while, i might not be....who knows!.
Brief nutshell of May 2010 til now.....moved into the house mentioned in the last post and got on with work. Work....i love it and i hate it!.not sure how much longer i will stay with the company i work for.

Havent done very well on the allotment front.....didnt go as much as i should have, as the house is that little bit to far for a 'nip' to the lottie. i need to do better!. i did get the frame up of the polytunnel, but not the cover, which i decided would wait til after the winter in case its damaged....good job...we've had lots of snow!.

In sept the Captain came back into my life and is still here, and fingers crossed will continue to be....we get on so well, have the same sense of humour and alot of the same interests and views.

I havent done well on making things....the scrapbooking is non exsistant, altho i am doing JYC this year, albeit incrediably behind!. i finally cracked crochet, only to not do anymore and havent knitted much more than a couple of lines for the blanket thats been on the needles for the past 5 or 6 yrs!!.

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