Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I made do and mended!.

This morning whilst getting dressed i realised i have a wardrobe malfunction in the over shoulder boulder holder department with 2 of the 3 hooks now coming unstitched. As i got it secure enough to last the day i thought 'great, gotta buy new bras tonight when i get home!'.....i have another one with the same issues!.
fast forward to this evening and i'm driving home and i had a brainwave!....yes i know, it was a shock to me as well!. i decided to restitch the hooks back into place rather than buy a new bra!. so i did, just now, while the pc was deciding to turn on, i stitched both of the wobbly ones back, and checked it did up did!.
hoooray for me!. tomorrow i shall mend the other one as well, and then i wont need a new bra for a while longer!!.

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MWG said...

I too have found the mending kit! It sure makes you feel good doesn't it? I have also decided on a no waste policy in the kitchen, if it really can't be eaten it is composted, and I am now trying to only buy what is on my shopping list. I did fail slightly this week, but only because I remembered something I hadn't put on the list! Now that is good!