Saturday, January 29, 2011

Family Trees.

A few years ago i was really into finding out about my ancestors....especially since i'm here in the UK and most of them orginated from here, and i could actually go to some of those places they came from.
I paid and joined ancestry, put up the tree that i know of so far and researched people. I enjoyed it, but i didnt spend money on getting certificates as i was spending money on stash(errmmmm....scrapbooking products!) at the time!. After a while i hit a brick wall that only certs would break down, so i decided to shelve the search for a while and have never really gone back to it.
However, over the past year or so, i have been contacted by 3 different people about possible connections with my ancestors and its beginning to reignite my interest. Ancestry i notice now require you to paid to do just about anything, and since i no longer buy stash, i'm toying with taking out an annual membership!. Trouble is, since half my rellies ended up downunder, i have to take out the most expensive one!.
I just find the whole tree on the web thing be contacted by a distant branch of the family from another country is amazing to me!.
This summer i am going to visit an area some ancestors came from that is probably no more than an hours drive from here!!.
I wonder how many of my friends look into their family trees?.

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margaretfeist said...

I keep thinking of this as Allie has done this in the past, including getting the certificates and giving me a photocopy of them. Now retired perhaps I should look into this more closely, although I do know that I will need a trip to Ireland to track down my mother's paternal family. A good excuse don't you think?