Sunday, April 24, 2011

about to tackle day 3.......

yesterdays trip to the allotment featured far to many red ants for my liking!. my plot seems to be a red ant nation, not colony, nation!. the bed i weeded had 4 separate ant nests in it. bloody things!. i read on the internet that citrus oil has a toxin that kills ants. i was talking to the neighbouring plot holders wife and telling her this and she said she had 2 old lemons in the fridge i could have and went and got them for me. (they live right next to the allotment site!). so each nest got squirted with lemon juice and the crushed peel was left ontop of the nest. i'm sure when i go to finish off the bed this morning they will have moved to another spot. i shall take some boiling water with me as well to pour over the next nest i find.

oh and happy Easter to anyone who reads this!.

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